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Flange inserts - Milky Business

Flange inserts - Milky Business

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Did you know that many women are using the wrong size flange when pumping? Chances are you aren't the stock standard size your pump came with.

Now you can easily resize your existing breast pump flange for the perfect fit! Milky Business flange inserts are made from food grade silicone, free from nasties and are transparent so you can see how your nipple responds.

Best used in 24-25mm flanges to reduce the size to 13mm, 15mm, 17mm or 19mm Compatible with majority of breastpumps in Australia-

  • Medela

  • Spectra

  • Eonian

  • Baby Buddha

  • Ardo

  • Unimom

  • Momcozy

  • Elvie

  • Youha

  • Most wearable cups


For alternative sizes or if your size is out of stock check out our Youha breast shield converters which come in sizes 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm and 26mm.

If you are exclusively expressing, you’ll likely find the correct flange size more comfortable than a flange/insert combo, however these are an easy and inexpensive option for mums to alter their current flanges when expressing periodically.

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