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Pump basics

Pump basics

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Empower Your Pumping Journey: The Ultimate Starting Guide by IBCLC Kate Bird

Ready to navigate the world of pumping and bottle feeding with confidence? Whether you're a pregnant preparing for the arrival of your little one or a new mum looking to make pumping work for you, our e-book "Pump Basics" is your perfect companion. Authored by International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Kate Bird, this guide offers everything you need to know to succeed.

Why "Pumping Basics" is Essential:
- Practical Tips and Real-Life Photos: Packed with actionable advice and real-life photos to help you understand and effectively use your pump.
Realistic and Supportive Advice: Gain confidence with practical, no-nonsense tips and supportive guidance tailored to your pumping needs.
- Comprehensive Knowledge: Learn the ins and outs of pumping, from choosing the right pump to maintaining your supply and introducing a bottle.
- Step-by-Step Guidance: Get detailed steps on establishing a pumping routine, storing milk safely, and ensuring your baby transitions smoothly to a bottle.

What You'll Learn:
- Setting Up for Success: Key strategies for starting your pumping journey, including when to start, how often to pump, and how to build and maintain your milk supply.
- Introducing a Bottle: Master the process of introducing a bottle to your baby, including tips for bottle feeding and choosing the right bottle and nipple.
- Troubleshooting Common Issues: Solutions for common pumping challenges such as low milk supply, clogged ducts, and maintaining your supply while away from your baby.
- Practical Advice: Realistic tips for managing pumping alongside your daily life, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Written by an experienced IBCLC and registered neonatal nurse, this e-book combines expert knowledge with practical, real-world advice to support you every step of the way.


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